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Bazi, 9 Star Ki and Zi Wei Dou Shu

One of the main concepts of Chinese metaphysics is San Cai or "Cosmic Trinity" which states that each human destiny is guided by three different types of luck: Heaven, Earth and Man (free will). The luck of heaven is sealed in the moment we decide to be born, at the exact time of the first exhalation. It is then that we celebrate our heavenly contract which from that moment on will governs the influence of Heaven in our lives.

It is Heaven´s force that commands our dreams, and the personality with strengths and weaknesses of each human being. It also responsible for the most favorable and least favorable periods throughout life. Who has never experienced times of great joy and very difficult times?

Oriental astrology is included in Ming, the art of destiny and is alongside Feng Shui and Medicine, one of the most popular. Making an astrological chart allows you to get to know your personality in a more profound way, and give great insights to the way we relate to each other. It is and invaluable tool to plan life in order to achieve the greatest success and avoid illness.

There are several types of Chinese and far east astrology, from Bazi (Chinese horoscopes) to 9 Star Ki to Zi Wei Dou Shu. Each method has its specific strengths and skills.


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