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Madam Lily Chung will explain that each combination, pairing and clashing, has a specific meaning, and studying such interactions is critical to understanding a Bazi chart.

In this intermediate course, you will understand the meaning of stem pairing, branch pairing, branch triple and seasonal combinations, and branch clashing.

Madam Lily will demonstrate The interaction between branches and stems in this course with many practical examples.

Do not miss the introductory course from the Feng Shui Academy, designed and presented by Dr Lily Chung, possibly the world's most renowned classical Chinese astrologer.

This course is recorded. You have 30 days to watch the recording if you cannot make it live.

Date: 1st of September 2022
Time: 19:30h to 21:30h GMT
Cost: 60€

To Register, go to Registration or email us: fengshuiacademy168@gmail.com.

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