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Bazi Foundation Course
This course is designed to introduce you to the basics of Bazi, Chinese Horoscopes. Bazi, also known in the west as Four Pillars of Destiny, gives each individual his celestial blueprint or code to his life. We all experience ups and downs in life, some years we feel that everything is flowing harmoniously. Other years can be really difficult and troublesome. Knowing our astrological chart is of great help to take advantage of the best phases in life and considerably smooth out the challenging periods.

Another aspect of understanding Bazi is to understand the dynamics of relationships, why some prosper and others fail. Also how we need to adapt to prosper in marriage and in case of a single person, the best periods to find the loved one. In terms of health, the Bazi chart indicates the strong and weak points of each individual and what can be done to prevent possible illnesses. Overall, Chinese Horoscopes are an incredible tool in the path to achieve health, wealth and a great life.

Closely guided by the teachers, in small groups of usually up to 12, students will be first taught the basic concepts of Chinese Metaphysics such as Qi, Yin and Yang, Five Transformations, Ten Heavenly Stems and Twelve Earthly Branches. Then how to read the lunar and solar Chinese calendar, how to elaborate the chart according to the year, day, month and hour of birth and how to plot the Ten-year Luck Pillars. The last part of the course is dedicated to interpretation. How to uncover individual traits, how to understand past events and how to make the best of life from that moment onwards.

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