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Feng Shui is a powerful tool to improve our lives.  The Feng Shui Foundation Course is a comprehensive course designed to help you understand how this ancient Chinese art works. The program has been specifically designed to enable anyone to implement Feng Shui principles. After completing  the training you will be able to apply the basics in your home and office. Discover simple techniques no complicated formulae are used. At the end you get a certificate of completion.


In this fifteen hour course you will learn the fundamental principles of Qi, Yin Yang and 5 Elements. These can be applied to sleep, work, activities and relaxation. You will also learn how to find the most powerful places to sit according to the layout of the space and also from your date of birth. This is essential for making the most of your home but also for choosing seats in meetings, cafes and restaurants when you have something important to discuss or decide.

Teachers & Certification

This is the 3th edition of this course and this one i taught by world renowned teachers with more than 30 years experience, João Borges,  Paula Oliveira,  Anusha Arulvel, each covering their own specialty subject. The line-up is truly exceptional. It is certified and at the end you will receive a diploma. Completion of the Feng Shui Foundation course gives access to the Diploma Course.


This course is by donation to celebrate our 25th birthday and make it available to the widest audience possible worldwide. Pay as you can between 28€ and 90€ - recommended donation 60€.
Payment is via paypal to the following email:  geral@escolafengshui.com



Description of the Modules

Classes will be from 7pm - 9.30pm  GMT - London/Lisbon time)

1.     Qi, Yin Yang and Five Elements
2.     Interior Form
3.    Feng Shui, Simple remedies, big changes
4.     Clutter Clearing
5.     Sitting Positions
6.     Introduction to Bazi
7.     Introduction to 9 Star Ki
8.     Flying Stars 1
9.     Flying Stars 2
10.   Examples and Practice on your own home

Each year the Qi changes and understanding this flow helps us make small adjustments to our home to best harness the best energies. The annual Flying Stars for instance is a simple technique to make the most of a particular year. Feng Shui is also great for improving the atmosphere of a space and to help us be more healthy, happy and calm. There is much research to show how plants, natural light, images, colours and natural materials influence our moods and ultimately our health. We will teach you how to create the ultimate healthy home.

The final session looks at applying everything you have learnt into a simple apartment or house. The course is approved by the Feng Shui Academy and taught by some of the worlds most experienced teachers. We respect and understand that people have different financial situations and wish to be accessible to everyone, encouraging those who can afford to contribute as much as they feel is comfortable. After graduating from the Foundation Course you will be elegible to enrol in an accredited diploma course.


 Nov 8th Qi, Yin  Yang and Five Elements Paula Oliveira
  Interior Form Paula Oliveira
  Feng Shui, simple remedies, big changes  Paula Oliveira
Nov 10th Clutter Clearing Anusha Arulvel
  Sitting Positions Paula Oliveira
  Introduction to Bazi Paula Oliveira
Nov 12th Introduction to 9 Star Ki Paula Oliveira
  Flying Stars I João Borges
  Flying Stars II João Borges
Nov 15th Examples and Practice on your own home Paula & Marli

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