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Possibly the oldest oracle known to mankind, millions have relied upon the I Ching for wisdom. We all face personal choices, work problems, relationship challenges amongst the many issues everybody needs to deal in everyday life. Don´t run your life with guesswork, the I Ching has been providing guidance for over 3000 years because it really works.

The unifying principle of yin and yang and the sixty four hexagrams are the foundation not only of the I Ching, but of all the philosophy of the Far East. Learning this subject is the start of a wonderful journey of self-development through Chinese Metaphysics. It is also very useful to magnify and develop intuition and our inner voice.

There are several forms of divination with the 64 hexagrams such as the Form method, Plum Blossom or Wen Wang Gua. This foundation course concentrates on the Image and Form school. By the end of the training, the student should be able to recognize each hexagram and understand its meaning without having to read or refer to the classical text. It gives the student the main theoretical and practical tools to do readings for themselves or for others.

With a total of 60 hours, the I Ching Foundation course is done by video conference in small groups by some of the best masters in the world.

Description of the Modules

1. Qi, Yin-Yang
2. Five Transformations
2. The Eight Trigrams and Sixty Four Hexagrams
3. Hexagrams 1 to 8
4. Hexagrams 9 to 16
5. Hexagrams 17 to 24
6. Hexagrams 25 to 32
7. Hexagrams 33 to 40
8. Hexagrams 40 to 48
9. Hexagrams 49 to 56
10. Hexagrams 57 to 64

Topics to be covered include
History of the I Ching
Yin and Yang
Wuji, Taiji and the Spirallic Constitution of the Universe
Concept of Qi
Eight Trigrams in detail
The Sixty Four Hexagrams
I Ching, Confucionism and Taoism
Confucius Sequence
Numerology of the I Ching
Changing Lines
Casting with numbers, coins, letters and dice
Other methods of casting hexagrams
Nuclear Hexagrams
The 12 Signal Hexagrams
Basic Concepts of Chinese Metaphysics (10 Heavenly Stems, 12 Earthly Branches, Early Heaven Sequence, Late Heaven Sequence, Luo Shu, He Tu, Eight Palaces of Jing Fang)




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