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Classic Feng Shui, the traditional and for many the authentic Feng Shui, was developed in China over 3000 years ago. Its various forms and calculations are the subject or many books and classics from different times of history, however the knowledge was essentially passed on, from master to disciple over many generations, establishing the so called lineages.

Nowadays, the main objectives of classical Feng Shui are to develop prosperity, wealth, health and recognition in society. It also reinforces the life support of the practitioners, namely health, family ties and interior development. To this end, energy maps of a house are prepared taking into account its orientations and the external forms measured with the traditional Chinese compass, Luo Pan. After analyzing the characteristics of the house, changes and cures are made to improve these aspects.

There are two main classical Feng Shui schools, San Yuan (three periods) and San He (three harmonies). Both use the two methods "Luan Tou" - form and "Di Li" - direction. San he is characterized by a profound study of the exterior land forms, water and mountain, and respective directions in relation to the house. It is sometimes called the “Form School”. San yuan considers time and direction as the two fundamental aspects and is sometimes referred to as the “compass school”. Another widely used term is the term Xuan Kong which is almost synonymous with San Yuan.

Popular San Yuan calculations include Flying Stars (Xuan Kong Fei Sin), certainly the most popular method of Feng Shui today. With a flying stars analysis, it is generally possible to determine the fate of the inhabitants with great precision. This enables the possibility to intervene and change the course of events for the better. This type analysis is a bit like making the astrology of a house in order for example to determine the most appropriate rooms to sleep or the best directions to work. This can change from year to year and the cures for the bad Qi are simple and quite effective.

The most intricate form of San Yuan is Xuan Kong Da Gua which, using 64 directions,  corresponding to the 64 hexagrams. Da Gua is used evaluate precise alignments of Yin and Yang elements or Water and Mountain. Other important calculations of this school include Zi Bai Jue (Purple White Script) and Xuan Kong Liu Fa. The san yuan style is currently prevalent due to today's typical urban environment. It is also the specialty of the Feng Shui Academy.

The San He school, with calculations such as Ba Zhai (eight houses or groups to the west) and the Water Dragon methods, is very useful when we want to organize the space around a house such as a garden or a farm. These methods are also part of our curriculum. The pedagogical methods of the Feng Shui Academy make classic Feng Shui easy and accessible to learn for the vast majority of students.


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