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Ba Zhai literally means Eight (Ba) Houses (Zhai). It is one of the simplest calculations of Feng Shui, and can be used by everbody in the form of a table. In the West this calculation is also referred to as “Eight Mansions”. Ba Zhai considers eight different types of houses, each having its own energetic map, depending on one of the eight possible eight sittings (North, NE, East, etc,). Unlike Flying Stars, these maps do not change with time. This means in this calculation, the time factor is not considered. It is therefore a more suitable calculation for a long-term goals rather than achieving short term results and understand the luck of the house in a particular month or year.

Ba Zhai is based on the Eight Traveling Stars. Each of these stars has its own identity and personality, and is associated with one of the eight trigrams of the I Ching. There are 4 positive stars and 4 negative stars. They either belong to the East group (Water, Wood and Fire stars) or the West group (Metal and Earth stars). On the other hand, each person has a trigram or star which depends on the year of birth, called in Chinese Ming Gua, which also associated with an element and a East or West group. If an individual or house belongs to the East group (Water, Tree or Fire elements) the orientations and sectors of the East group are positive and the directions of the West group (Metal and Soil elements) are unfavorable. And vice versa.

Ba Zhai is said to be an old calculation, maybe 1000 years old, dating back to the Song dynasty or earlier. However, it is only about 300 years ago, in the Ming dynasty, that the first classic on this subject, the Ba Zhai Ming Jing, appeared. Ba Zhai Ming Jing can be translated as "Classic Book Eight Houses Bright Mirror", referring to the (energetic) reflection of the house. Also in the Ming dynasty Chang Ping Lin wrote his classic on this topic called "Method of Opening Doors". This book analyzes 24 houses with sitting in the 24 directions (24 mountains).  Each of the 24 poems describes the best locations for the main doors and gates, and then goes on describing the fate of the inhabitants if such configurations are followed.


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