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Xuan Kong Da Gua (玄空 大 卦 风水) is perhaps the most developed, complex but also brilliant part of the Xuan Kong Feng Shui system. It literally means "The Mysterious Void of Hexagrams". Flying Stars (Xuan Kong Fei Xing) are based on eight directions, but Da Gua considers 8x8 = 64 directions each corresponding to the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching. Therefore, Da Gua can be used to fine tune the Flying Stars. Each direction has just over 5 degrees.

The directions of each hexagram are based on the Fuxi square arrangement, not the Confucius sequence, and are attributed to Shao Yong, the famous Song dynasty I Ching master. Da Gua is based on the Early Heaven sequence of trigrams, the He Tu Transformations and the Luo Shu. It was a system initially used for yin Feng Shui (spiritual Feng Shui of the dead) and later adapted to yang zhai or yang Feng Shui for house of the living.

In Yang Feng Shui, Da Gua is used for instance to analyze the direction of the sitting of a house, to determine precise placement of objects such as buddhas and water features and measuring external forms as well as many other applications. In yin Feng Shui, we consider the yao or line of each hexagram to make alignments of the graves and tombs. The characteristics of the lines are called “kinships” and their respective directions are less and 1 degree.

Da Gua is the study of a lifetime. There are various styles of this type of Feng Shui. The Feng Shui Academy  has the knowledge of the most credible lineage, coming the famous Taiwanese master, Zeng Zi Nan. Zen Zi Ban passed away with the age of 102 Zi. He was famous as a teacher and the Feng Shui master did graves for famous personalities such as tycoons and politicians such as the former vice president of Taiwan. Studying Xuan Kong da Gua is not the end, but the beginning of a wonderful, powerful and fascinating story, the path of Chinese Metaphysics.



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