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Xuan Kong Liu Fa is as the name indicates, another calculation of the Xuan Kong system. It can be used as an alternative to flying stars and considers 24 directions of 15 degrees angles instead of 45 degrees as in flying stars. This method became better known when it was adopted by Tan Yang Wu over Fei Xing in the latter phase of his life. It is, however, an even more secret method than the Flying Stars.

Liu Fa literally means “Six Methods” because it is based on six components or six principles that need to be applied in an integrated way to bring the desired benefits. The Six Methods are:

1. Xuan Kong
2. Ci Xiong
3. Ai Xing
4. Jin Long
5. Cheng Men
6. Tai Sui
These six methods relate respectively to:
1. Time and Space
2.Masculin and Feminin
3. The Nine Stars
4. The Golden Dragon
5. Castle Gate
6. Earthly Branch of the Year

Xuan Kong Liu Fa derives much of its principles from the I Ching and Early Heaven Sequence of the 8 Trigrams


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