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Zi Bai Jue, 紫白 诀, literally means "Purple White Manuscript" and is said to have been written in China, during the Tang dynasty (618 - 907 AD). It is a key classical text used by masters such as Jiang Da Hong, Zhang Zhong Shan and Shen Zhu Ren. Zi Bai Jue is considered one of the most famous classics of Feng Shui and has been extensively studied by different masters over the years.

The Purple White Manuscript is an extra method to predict the timing and nature of events that may occur in a home, depending on the orientation and time of arrival of Qi at a particular dwelling. It is ideal to be used in conjunction with Flying Stars. The Purple White Manuscript is divided into two parts. The Upper Scroll is dedicated to concepts and the Lower Scroll to practical applications. Zi Bai Jue is taught at the Feng Shui Academy as an advanced module in the second year of the Mastery course in Xuan Kong.


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