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Part of Shan Shan or “Mountain” art of Chinese metaphysics, cooking is possibly the supreme art in the sense that it is the basis of civilizatioin. It is through food that our body develops, we are indeed " what we eat". The body is like a temple, the basis for the development of the spirit. The assimilation of this more dense and materialized energy (food and drink), the so-called Qi-yang, is fundamental for the process of human health, and for individual and social well-being. It is also fundamental for the ecological sustainability of the planet and ultimately for world peace. For example, in Zen Buddhist temples in Japan, monks selected to be the cooks were chosen amongst the most spiritually developed. They were guardians of the "Temple Cooking” , temple culinary arts.

Nowadays, the art of far east cuisine has been resurrected with the Japanese philosopher Ishizuka Sagen, who lived in the late 19th century and created the Shoku-Yo movement, or nourishing and healing food. One of his disciples, Sensei George Ohsawa later founded the macrobiotic movement in the 20th century. Macrobiotic cuisine is characterized by evaluating food primarily in terms of its energetic properties. The principles of Tao Cooking are transversal to all Chinese metaphysics arts, and applied to the choice and preparation of food. The fundamental concepts of Qi energy, yin-yang and five transformations are used to make the food delicious and wholesome. Currently, scientific knowledge can also be included to better support and communicate such macrobiotic principles.

Balancing food from a yin-yang point of view is the most important consideration. The five transformations apply for example to the five factors of cooking, the use of fire (main factor) but also time, pressure, salt and fermentation. Other applications include the use of the five flavors, the five colors, the five cuts, the five cooking styles, etc. A healthy body is the basis and condition "sine qua non" for any individual or Feng Shui consultant. Come and discover with us how to make delicious menus, improve your health, prevent disease and change your destiny through our courses and workshops!


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