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Selecting Auspicious Dates

Date selection is one of the most powerful tools of Feng Shui and Chinese Metaphysics. It is also one of the most useful. In the East in places such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore or Malaysia most people use various methods to choose the most appropriate dates for weddings, opening a business, buying or selling, moving and house work, etc. Starting any venture on a harmonious and productive date considerably increases the luck and success of that venture.

The methods used are varied, from the most popular ones that appear in Hong Kong's Tung Shu (chinese almanac), to the most complex ones used by the best date selection masters. In the Chinese community, big business owners rarely take an important step without making sure the date is correct, sometimes employing full-time consultants specifically for that purpose. In addition to the aforementioned almanacs, "serious" methods include Xuan Kong Da Gua, San He and Qi Men Dun Jia methods. Bazi can also be used to select dates for individuals in conjunction with Da Gua.


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