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Our home is where we open and reveal our hearts, even if it happens in silence. If we look closely, the places where we live and grew up tells the story of our life. Being a reflection of ourselves, the house works as a tool to better understand our blocks, fears and emotional patterns. The aim is not to take care of the house, but to allow self-knowledge and individual development. Looking at our home is like looking at our Being. Knowing whether he is happy or sad is our responsibility.

Our Intuitive Feng Shui style was developed at the Feng Shui Academy throughout the years. It has its origins in Black Hat that uses the “Bagua” as the basic tool. “Bagua”in Intuitive Feng Shui, is a square with the nine main energies that govern each person's life (career, relationships, prosperity, etc.), the basic tool . When superimposed on the house according to the orientation of the entrance door, it establishes a correspondence between the nine sectors or parts of the house with the life of the person. In this approach the hand drawing of the house plan is a fundamental tool. In a more advanced study phase, 64 directions corresponding to the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching are also considered.


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