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The Black Hat School is at the origin of modern or contemporary Feng Shui. It was created by Lin Yun in the 1980's in order to bless and harmonize the house according to Buddhist Principles. Lin Yun, a monk from the Tibetan Buddhist sect of the same name, established the bridge between Vastu (Hindu Traditional architecture) and elements of Chinese culture. Black Hat mirrors his spiritual journey.

In this system the house is divided into nine square or rectangular sectors. Popularly (and erroneously) this division is called "The Ba Gua". As it does not use any kind of compass, the house or apartment is always oriented with the "virtual north" towards the side where the main door is located. Therefore, it can only be located in the North, Northwest or Northeast sectors. For this reason, Black Hat is also called Three Gate System. The analysis is usually made sector by sector, being these respectively: north - career, northeast - knowledge, east - ancestors, southeast - blessings, south - recognition, southwest - relationships, west - children and creativity, northwest - influential friends. This among several other associations.

Several styles originated from the original Black Hat system. One of them is Intuitive Feng Shui, a registered trademark of the Feng Shui Academy in Europe, which adds the influence of macrobiotic philosophy and incorporates elements of Carl Jung's psychology, for example through the analysis of the design of the house.


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