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The school of the eight chi´s or eight directions is a simple system in which the house is divided into eight sectors (north, NE, East, SE, South, SO, West and NO) according to the geographic “true” north. In other words, it is a system directly related to the movement of the sun during the day and derived from the directionology of Nine Star Ki. It was brought to the west by Takashi Yoshikawa in the 90s. The division of the house can be either by the square method or by the angle method, in a more technical or more intuitive way.

Each sector is assigned one of the eight trigrams that will then characterize each sector. For example, the Northern sector is related to career, spiritual development and sexual activity. Also the family member is the middle son, after puberty but not yet completely independent. Other associations include midnight (time of day), winter (time of year), kidneys, bladder, sexual organs. In the house the room is the bathroom; the life stages are conception and death; the color of the transformation is black or medium and dark blue; the taste is salty. And similarly, all the remaining seven sectors are characterized.

Simple analysis includes, for example, missing sectors and extensions, location of the main door, orientation for sleeping and working and analysis of each division according to the sector in which it is located. It is a very useful and contemporary method to use for interior design. That way we can adapt each room and the house itself to the inhabitants' desire and purpose. The cures of this method are simple, easy to recommend and to be implemented. With this calculation it is easy to correct energy imbalances and improve people's lives.


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