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Geobiology is the science that deals with the interaction of man with the environment that surrounds him in the western energetic tradition. The term, although recent, includes ancient practices such as dowsing, practiced for many centuries in Europe. For example, the search for underground water and energy lines,  and places with geopathic stress was carried out traditionally using a wooden or metal fork. The Romans, who, before building a city, left animals grazing for a year in a place to observe the effects of the environment on them, also used the principles of this art.

Everyone, at least once in their lives, has experiences in places where the environment is oppressive and where you want to get out of as quickly as possible. People living in such places tend to feel drained, and have a stronger chance of getting ill. Geobiology has a wide range of knowledge and refined techniques to discover less suitable energy in a given plot and piece of land. These negative physical, energetic and psychic factors may then cause disturbances to its residents or employees. Some of the most common causes of such disorders are:

• Underground water deposits
• Various types of energy networks
• Geological faults
• Large metallic masses
• Electric pollution
• Souls, spirits and other energetic entities

These are just some of the possible factors that can influence the energy of a place and its inhabitants. They all create energy changes in environments and in the people who live in these environments through the interaction between these unbalanced energies and the human energy field. These factors, whose harmfulness is variable, can cause or intensify degenerative problems such as cancer, nervous disorders, excessive fatigue, cardiac and circulatory problems... Geobiology in addition to diagnosis has tools to cure these imbalances, for example with the help of earth acupuncture.


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