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"Space Clearing" is an art with principles found in many civilizations. However it was especially developed in Bali and brought to the West by teachers such as Karen Kingston in the early 1990´s. The basic idea behind is that indoor spaces such as different divisions of a house collect and accumulate emotions and vibrations throughout the years. Happy events such as parties, births and less happy ones such as arguments, divorces and deaths, are recorded and impregnated in the walls, furniture and the all the physical structure of the home. They also remain “in the air” in the form of vibration where they occurred and this imprint can stay in place for a very long time, for example decades or even centuries.

And will it only the house or furniture that can be impregnated with human energy from the past? Of course not. All objects, clothes and personal items also retain the energy of the owners and inhabitants. In particular, the beds because we sleep there, and the mirrors, because of the fact that they 'almost film' what is happening, retain what has happened a long time ago! Can this be a problem? The reality is that from this imprint or Qi / Energy can create and re-create patterns in our thoughts and emotions. In the case of negative Qi, it can cause a vicious circle. We influence the house and objects and these house and objects in return affect our thoughts and our emotions.

When the emotions experienced are positive emotions, that is, love, affection, joy or peace, we have a circuit in which they multiply and benefit our lives and those of those around us, in which case it is a beneficial 'life wheel'. If, on the other hand, there are negative experiences at home, whether they are milder such as bad mood, worry, resignation or stronger like aggression, humiliation, divorce or mourning someone's death it is difficult for the family or the inhabitant to break free of these patterns, maintaining suffering and continuing to attract similar experiences into your life.

And what to do then? It is necessary to change the vibratory patterns of the environment with appropriate techniques for this purpose. For example, we can resort to using the five elements (water - salt, tree - incense, fire - candles, soil - flowers and metal - sound) to remove negative energies and replace positive energies. Energetic Space Clearing is currently like a comprehensive system of tools that embraces the most varied techniques, most of them of traditional origin since practically all civilizations have developed techniques for the energetic cleansing of spaces.


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