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Image School

The Eight trigrams of the I Ching represent the eight main manifestations of nature, Heaven, Earth, Lake, Fire, Thunder, Wind, Water and Mountain. They consist of combinations of three full (yang) or broken (yin) lines arranged vertically. The eight trigrams also classify all other nature phenomena in the universe. When you combine two trigrams you get 64 (8x8) Hexagrams.

The Image School analyzes how these eight energies combine and interact with each other. It is the most accessible method of the various I Ching divination methods, but still very appropriate for the beginer practitioner. It consists of casting a hexagram, usually finding the upper trigram first and then the lower one. Finally, an analysis is made of how they combine or reading the message of each one of them in the case of the lay practitioner. Despite its simplicity, the imaging method provides excellent results.

These are auspicious hexagrams, on top of the hexagram "Progress" where Fire is above the Earth, with the image of "the sun shines for everyone" and life develops. Below the hexagram "Great Power", with the image of Thunder making a huge crash over the sky. Whoever takes this hexagram will be heard, may become famous. The pictures on the right are courtesy of "The Great Book of the I Ching" (Portuguese Version).


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