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Wen Wang Gua

Wen Wang Gua, also called the Six Line method is a form of divination with the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching. It is said to have been developed in the Han dynasty because the theory is based on two eight palaces attributed to the famous master Jing Fang who lived at that time. However, this calculation may have been developed many years later in the Song dynasty, circa 1000 AD.

In order to do divination with Wen Wang Gua, a hexagram with a varied number of changing lines must be casted. So usually the methods chosen are the coins or yarrow stalks.

This type of divination is definitely the one that gives greater detail and information about a specific situation, above all others. However, it is also the most complex to set up and interpret. It is only available to advanced practitioners, needing a solid foundation in the theory of 10 celestial stems, 12 earthly branches, 60 pillars, the six kinships and the eight palaces, among other tools.


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