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Space and Clutter Clearing
Anusha’s journey into the energy world began at the age of 6; she was taken under the wing of the renowned José Silva, the creator of ‘Silva Method’ and his team and trained over 4 years on entering higher states of consciousness, developing healing abilities, energy work and higher clairvoyance, as their youngest student.
Her life-changing experiences set her on a spiritual quest that led her to study with many sacred healing traditions over 20 years, which she encompasses in her programs.

She had the great fortune of learning under gifted world energy Masters. As she was buying her house ten years ago, the place felt unwelcome and riddled with many issues that no engineer could fix. Surrounded by a graveyard, human trafficking centre, ley line through her bedroom, monastery, autistic school, unexplained child deaths and church all within 100 meters of her front door - there was a lot to heal. She embarked on 9-year learning to heal space, earth energies and Feng Shui.
Anusha is an active committee member of ‘The Feng Shui Society’. Holding 3 Masters postgraduate qualifications, she works with Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Nutrition, Energy Healing, Vedic Success Code Astrology, Feng Shui and EFT.

Crossing borders of science and spirituality, she founded “Oh She’s Rich”, empowering women to harness their inner richness in mind, body, heart, spirit and space; to heal and manifest an extraordinary life.


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