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Bazi and I Ching
Lily is a world renowned expert in Chinese Metaphysics. With a Ph.D. in Geography from the University of Minnesota, she first taught this subject at colleges in USA and Hong Kong, her home city. She then on to dedicate her life to pursue knowledge in Natural Laws such as Bazi, I Ching and the study and understanding of the Cosmic Flow. She began this pursuit with a passion for the truth and a reverence for life. Why were we born unequal? What is the root of this inequality? Why does a person go through a life of ups and downs? How do we attune to cosmic inequality to lead a better life?
Lily is the author of many pioneering books such as the four pillars astrology books such as "Bazi Frontiers, Cosmic Geography of Success" and "Succeed Naturally, the I Ching Way". From her home base in San Francisco CA, she has trained other world known Bazi masters and also taught in Europe. It is her passion that we all have access to the wisdom of the Natural Laws by spreading the "gospel", so that we may all learn how to handle adversity and achieve success.


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