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Sui Beng was born in China and became a Buddhist monk at the age of 19. Around the beginning of the second world war he started studying Feng Shui with Tan Yang Wu (shortly before his death). After completing is studies, at the age of 38, he went to Penang, Malaysia to serve in a temple, bringing with him a copy of each of Tan Yang Wu's books. He also performed medical functions due to his knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine. In the first years, he traveled through Malaysia to preach Buddhist doctrine.

In 1956 he met Yen Pen at the Sampo temple in the Cameron Highlands, where they discussed the teachings passed on by Tan Yang Wu. A few years later he founded the Kuan Yin temple in Johor Bharu (Malaysia) which he personally designed according to Feng Shui principles. Due to the temple's financial success, Sui Beng opened a home for the elderly and an orphanage. In 1997 he donated the sum of RM 200,000 to the state of Malaysia and on the date of his death in 1998 he left behind the sum of RM 10,000,000, as well as numerous other properties and assets that were donated to the Buddhist association. Sui Beng always gave credit to Feng Shui for the financial success of his ventures. He was the master of Francis Leyau, the Grand Master of Feng Shui Academy.


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