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Bazi (Chinese Horoscopes) and 9 Star Ki Consultations

The Feng Shui Academy offers an Oriental Astrology consultation service. We have two types of consultation: Bazi or Four Pillars of Destiny and ) Star Ki or Ki Astrology. Each of these two systems has specific strengths and if in doubt do not hesitate to contact us. You can also opt for an integrated consultation of the two systems. All our astrology consultations can be carried out face to face (in Lisbon) or by video conference to any part of the world.

When making an appointment, you will be asked for your date of birth (with hour if possible) with location as well as birth gender, male or female. We also typically ask you to tell us three years that you think were good and three years that you think were more difficult. We can also ask the purpose of the consultation and your aspirations and dreams in life. Our consultations take between one to two hours depending on the modality chosen. After we receive your date, we prepare your astrological chart, which is always done by hand.

All of our consultants are among the most experienced and internationally renowned. The Feng Shui Academy is the market leader in this field worldwide. Our consultants are Lily Chung, Paula Oliveira and João Borges.

Consultation of 9 Star Ki: € 60 (60 minutes)
Bazi consultation: € 90 (90 minutes)
Integrated Consultation: € 120 (two hours)


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