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Qi Men Dun Jia literally means "mysterious door hides the celestial stem - Jia". It is one of the main systems of Chinese metaphysics. There are two main schools. The San He school, considers eight directions and is used as an oracle / divination  system or as a way to change the course of events and obtaining the desired outcomes. Originally developed in China for military purposes during the  "Warring States" period (465-221 BC), the applications of this art were later extended to various areas of life such as business strategy, crime discovery, wedding arrangements, medical procedures, Feng Shui, finding missing persons, travel, personal luck, etc.

Qi Men Dun Jia's charts are developed from several plates, each with eight houses. These include the plates of Heaven, Earth, Spirits, Doors, Stars and Stems. Each of the twelve Chinese hours generates a map (there are 1080 in all!) which is then interpreted in order to make strategic decisions. Making these maps requires a lot of work, but nowadays this part is usually done by computers, applications and tablets.

The San Yuan school considers 64 directions corresponding to 64 hexagrams and is used essentially as a way of selecting dates for yin and yang houses, and all types of dwellings, usually in conjunction with Xuan Kong Da Gua. It uses mostly two plates, Ba Men (eight doors) and San Qi Liu Yi (3 rare, 6 common) which have eight directions. However with the help of the Early Heaven Sequence, these eight directions are then expanded to 64.

For many years Zeng Zi Nan, the famous Taiwanese San Yan Feng Shui master published the famous almanacs with the Qi Men charts. Due to his secrecy policy, this art was almost lost until it was revived some years later by Master Francis Leyau of Malacca in Malaysia. The Central Academy of Feng Shui is proud to have this knowledge to pass it on to its advanced students, in yet another pioneering action in the Western world.

Qi Men Dun Jia was one of the most secret arts throughout the ages, was often restricted to the imperial court. Nowadays its use is becoming increasingly popular being very popular amongst practitioners of Southeast Asia. Today in countries like Singapore, there are numerous supporters who do not take a step without consulting this oracle.


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