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I Ching, which literally means “Classic of Change”, is probably the oldest book in the world. Its basis is the unifying principle of Yin-Yang and the 64 hexagrams or combinations of six yin or yang lines juxtaposed horizontally. These 64 hexagrams explain, according to the philosophy of the far east the order of the universe, that is, the way the world manifested and how it works and functions.

The I Ching and its 64 hexagrams are the basis of all the traditional Chinese Metaphysics arts. However in the West, it is essentially known as an oracle, that is, a way of guiding ourselves in difficult moments or moments when we are not sure how to act or proceed. In these situations, the help of the I Ching is extremely valuable. It has been used and refined for thousands of year and withstood the proof of time.

There are several ways to obtain answers using the 64 hexagrams, namely the Form or Image method (the simplest), Plum Blossom Divination, and the Six Lines method - Wen Wang Gua, (the most and complex and specific). Consultations are given by João Borges, an I Ching expert on this subject and the author of “The Great Book of the I Ching”. Consultations can be done face to face or by video conference.

Image Method € 40 - Consultation with cards or dice (30 minutes)
Plum Blossom € 100 - Consultation with dice (1 hour)
6 Line Method € 200 - Consultation with coins (2 hours)


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